Less doodles, more sketches

All the drawings I am about to post now come from a sketchbook, and not from my notebooks as usual. These pictures are still “first draft”, they ‘re not completely “artworks” or completed drawings in the sense that I would have put some thought into them (which I never do anyway). But, unlike my doodles (those little things, usually faces, that I draw on the corner of pages, while I “lift up” my pencil to ponder what I’ve just written down or recollect the thoughts I’ve had that I wanted to write down), unlike those “gribouillages”, the soon-to-be-posted drawings could be considered as “drawings”, in the full meaning of the term. This time, I used a sketchbook, with practically not a written word in it, a simple sketchbook dedicated to more elaborated doodles: this is why and how they fell into the category of “art works”.

Sans titre - 27

“A character (a face, more like!). Hands. An object drawing itself, on its own. A situation that imposes itself (associated). And here is the result! Et voilĂ ! ABSOLUTELY NO PREMEDITATION!! PURE CREATION! And what a creation!!!”

That’s for an explanation of my creative process….


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