The truth of Art, part 2

If I think to much about it, I feel that it is going to block me. Like when you are painstakingly doing something, you might fail in achieving anything. You’ve got to let yourself go a little, go with the flow, not to restrain yourself, or tense yourself, constrain yourself.

A free and imperfect “stroke of a pen” (un coup de crayon libre et imparfait, how to put it?) I like to create things out of accidental strokes. And I like to make simple and minimalist things. That would suggest or confound more than simple show or represent.

That is for my artistic auto analysis, that is if I were an artist who sells drawings, which I don’t. My work would probably not be very much appreciated, it is too unfinished, too fragmented.

I like the “unfinished” very much, it gives food for thought. Minds have to use their imagination, recompose and create a story.

What the hand does effortlessly and with dexterity.

Ce que fait la main sans effort et avec dexterité.


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