The truth of Art, part 1

The drawings telling things, about how you see things and how you see the world.

If I keep drawing, I might end up drawing something a little original, which I’ve no plan creating yet!

I never know what I am going to draw until I draw it.

Nothing is written from the moment I take the pen, it’s all improvisation.

Simple reflexes. I always draw the same shapes, wherever they come from. Where do these forms, shapes, figures come from, that is the question indeed?

Faces, poses, looks, eyes, gestures, more or less asexual faces… Abstract figures coming out of me, coming to life on the paper, without any ulterior motive (qui naissent sur le papier, sans aucune arrière-pensée).

Pure unconscious writing or unconscious process, this one, that’s the least you could say.

When I am writing, it sometimes happens to me. But, usually, I know in advance what I’ll be putting down on paper, words get formed in my mind, beforehand (litterally).

My pictures don’t, never.

Those pictures must be already in my mind, I should believe. Do I reproduce them?




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