In 2008, London

In 2008, I stayed in a terrible hostel in London, super well located but the building was awfully depressing and the people living around, the freakiest freaks you can get in town (and London has many).

So I spent a lot of time drawing and writing, going out in galleries, meeting a lot of young artists, freshly graduated from that bunch of Art Schools that wish to make a difference. That’s what they tell you so you pay their appalling tuition fees and get to make one or two exhibitions in the East End before finding yourself on your own, rather deluded, felling that you had been had (and beautifully) with a bank credit you’ll spend the rest of your youth refunding by working in some admin or customer service jobs… London’s a jungle and life’s a bitch ain’t it?!

Anyway, here are some of the drawings I made at the time, starting with my favourite:



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