Deconstructive journey 1

The “Deconstructive Journey” (in French “Fin Assedic, début Rmi”) is a project, taking the form of a little cartoon of 18 slides. It relates some aspects of my background (a transposition from the visual/art/film world into the literary world, more precisely) and also tells about my efforts to take part to groups in general, professional in particular, at the time of my looking for a job and my failures in succeeding to, eventually. I drew those rough sketches one evening of the hot summer 2003, at a table of a café down the street where I had my little room then, I remember, one day I was feeling particularly desperate and frustrated still not to find work, having been rejected again, two years after having post-graduated.

A journey into the misery of unemployment and incomprehension. With a touch of humor, though and lots of ellipses.

Deconstructive Journey, 2003

The story of Dounia, the one who looks Arabic. “Not Arabic ! Kabyle” “Nevermind ! It’s all the same, anyway ! Only you Kabyles make a difference” Deconstructive Journey, 2003 /1

It’s written in French. I join a loose translation in caption.


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